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TheVeterinary Cardiovascular Society

Is an organisation which exists to promote animal welfare through the study and development of veterinary cardiology in all species.


Membership of the Association is open to members of the veterinary and medical professions including veterinary students and veterinary nurses and to other suitable qualified workers who are interested in the aims of the society: The promotion of animal welfare through the study and development of veterinary cardiology in all species. We vote all our new members in en bloc during our AGM at the Autumn meeting. However as soon as you become a member, you will be added to the mailing list and receive notice of our meetings. You will also be very welcome to attend the meetings, even before you are officially voted in.


VCS 2019 Spring Meeting – Wednesday 3rd April 

Join us for our upcoming 2019 BSAVA Affiliate meeting on Wednesday 3rd April, ahead of the main BSAVA Congress Thursday 4th – Sunday 7th April 2019. The meeting will be held in Hall 8b of the International Convention Centre, Birmingham.

We are excited to welcome both local and international speakers for a varied programme covering many aspects of veterinary cardiology.

Registration is now open – please register via the link below:

For venue information please visit:


Advanced cardiology techniques

Why refer a cardiology case

Information about pedigree heart testing paperwork

How to grade heart murmurs for breed screening

Find a specialist

In order to help the public find veterinary cardiovasular specialists, the RCVS has a useful web based search facility. The link to which can be found below.

Find an RCVS approved specialist

Application forms

Application form for Auscultation screening
Application form for Doppler echocardiography screening

Levels of postgraduate qualification

What is a cardiologist

Common familial heart diseases in dogs

HCM in cats

Find vets approved for heart testing

Cardiologists approved by the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society have all achieved a high-level of post-graduate experience around inherited heart disease. To become accredited by our Society, cardiologists must have shown significant skill in breed screening and are considered experts in their field. Cardiologists listed for Doppler echo must re-accredit every 6 years to demonstrate that they have maintained their skills. Screening performed by any veterinarians who are not listed here, whether or not they have post-graduate qualifications, does not represent the official heart testing scheme in the United Kingdom and their skills in undertaking screening cannot be confirmed by the Veterinary Cardiovascular Society.


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